Kajal Patle

, IT Engineer

Kajal: ‘Working at Aumatics gave me overview’

Kajal at the Aumatics squad

Before I came to Aumatics, I worked at an Internet Service Provider Company. Troubleshooting customer issues was the highest priority, mainly about complex networks. And that’s what you do when the focus is mostly on customer centricity and process-based approach as it results in better customer experience.

However, being in a service based company has its own flaws. You can’t upgrade yourself much. I decided to make a turn and take my career a step forward.

I wanted to challenge myself and I joined Aumatics, where I am working on different vendors, different customers with new projects. Now I can say I’m getting complete overview and that builds you up and gives you self confidence.

I’m glad I took this opportunity, although it was a bit of a struggle in the beginning, but my colleagues at Aumatics are really helping me out finding my way ahead. Most of my colleagues are Dutch speaking & I don’t understand Dutch very well yet, so we communicate in English.

Because we communicate so much, I have the chance to learn Dutch and to learn about the culture. It really helped me to build trust in myself.

I really look forward to having a continual joyful experience at Aumatics!

Native English? Want to join Kajal? Find a job at Aumatics and meet the IT Squad!  


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